Nature Diet can Seriously Damage your Pet’s Health!

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If you would like to know why, read on …. When we adopted our dog, we purchased several boxes of Naturediet and started to feed our pet. She seemed hesitant to eat the food but, as this was the only food available to her, she ate it, reluctantly. We found various cartons "˜blown' and the food rotten. We wrote to Nature Diet advising them of the incidence of blown packs. the following standard PR response was their answer to this problem. "˜With no preservatives in our products, we rely on the packaging to protect the contents, preventing anything from entering or escaping the packs. If the packaging has been compromised in any way bacterial spoilage will occur.' In other words, they did not accept any responsibility.

She was unwell for a lot of the time and we were at a loss to understand why.

We continued feeding our pet with Nature Diet and her health continued to deteriorate to such an extent that in March she was so ill, we almost lost her. We had been visiting our vet since January on a regular basis as a direct result recurring diarrhoea/vomiting. I took the decision to stop feeding her the Nature Diet when I found that, apart from the blown packs, some of the packs had not blown, but were seeping through broken seals. As my husband had no sense of smell, he could not smell that this food was also rancid. The sell by dates on these packs were in excess of one year. Within 2 days of withdrawing Nature Diet from her diet, she began to recover. She is now a healthy, happy little dog. Under no circumstances would I return her to Nature Diet. Indeed I would strongly recommend that anyone feeding their pet in this way perhaps think again.

Nature Diet asked me to return the remaining food to them, which I did. I explained at the time that the rancid food had been disposed of, on smell alone. At each turn I had to chase them as they seemed reluctant to do anything; they even had the nerve to tell me that, "˜we could find no cause for concern with several packs that we sent away', disregarding my statement that I had already disposed of the rancid food because of the awful smell. After spending hundreds of Pounds on veterinary fees and obtaining a letter from my vet stating that the test results implied that Nature Diet caused her illness, they still denied any responsibility. Any statement this Company makes should be treated with the same disregard and apparent contempt they are treating the animals that eat their food. We pointed out to them that they could well have a problem with the vacuum sealing of their product, bearing in mind the incidence of inedible cartons (not only my experience, but at 2 retailers I purchased their food from and another dog owner I had spoken to) and they still disregarded my comments. This food may make your pets' stools firmer, but is it worth their life?

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